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Actinium-225 Driving the next generation of cancer therapies

By producing the world’s most sought-after medical isotope on an industrial scale, we will make targeted alpha therapies possible.

Supplying the rarest medical isotope

Our innovative technology allows for the controlled production of large quantities of actinium-225 – enabling us to meet the growing global demand.

Accelerating targeted alpha therapy

Through providing the radiopharmaceutical industry with actinium-225, we will facilitate the breakthrough and further development of targeted alpha therapies.

Eradicating cancer

As a new mainstream treatment, actinium-based targeted alpha therapy will provide a groundbreaking cure for numerous cancer types – such as prostate cancer, leukaemia and breast cancer.


Ensuring a steady supply

of cyclotron-produced actinium-225

We have developed a state-of-the-art, cGMP-compliant production facility in Delft, the Netherlands. We excel when it comes to the intricacies of radioisotope production, and our technology guarantees a continuous supply of actinium-225. This will make us a leading supplier – and your trustworthy partner.

About our technology
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Starting up the cyclotron.. Smashing up atoms.. Creating Actinium-225..


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